Fuji X-T20 | Lens (mm): 35 | ISO: 6400 | Aperture: 2 | Shutter: 1/70

We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family today. My sister now has the biggest house, so hosting duties fall to her. We could manage it, but our house isn’t exactly set up for entertaining, so I’m grateful she is willing to do it!

At one point, we were looking for her shy cat Fiona and found her tucked behind this stuffed bear, pretending to be stuffed herself! About a half hour later, we were all stuffed with too much delicious food. 😉

What was extra cute was when her outgoing cat Jake decided the photo needed to be about him and he sat front and center between us!


Here’s a photo of all but one of the “Gray” family:


Gratitude: After a few years of health challenges for my parents, I’m grateful to have had all but one of our family together to celebrate the season. The one who wasn’t there was my nephew, Grant, who is serving in the military. I’m also grateful for his service, even though it means he misses out on days like today. Love and miss you, Grant!

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