Christmas Eve


Fuji X-T20 | Lens (mm): 56 | ISO: 1250 | Aperture: 1.2 | Shutter: 1/60

I spent quite a bit of this afternoon torturing by animals by making them pose with Santa hats. But what’s cuter than a critter with a hat on?

I wasn’t sure I would A) get a hat on Charley or B) get him to sit in front of the tree for a photo. Both actually happened without too much drama. We’re definitely making progress in the area of “trust” which has always been a challenge for my sweet Cha Cha boy.

When my husband and I went searching for Santa hats, we found this one with a tiara on it and immediately I knew who had to wear this hat…


Fritzie basically thinks she’s the queen and we all exist to serve her. 😂

Gratitude: Neither of these photos would have been possible without my husband’s help. I’m grateful for his patient assistance to make my photo fantasies come into reality!


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