Canon 1Dx Mk II | Lens (mm): 142 | ISO: 640 | Aperture: 3.2 | Shutter: 1/800

I’ve been looking forward to today’s snowstorm for as long as they’ve been hinting at it. I know weather like this causes headaches for people trying to get around, but I was MORE than ready for a change of scenery.

But when the weather guy on the news last night said we were going to get mostly rain today, I was pretty crushed. Gone were my hopes of a snowy scene for my photo of the day.

But then, around 2:30, the rain changed over to big fat flakes! I grabbed my best weather-sealed camera gear and headed out to see my horses.

Have I mentioned how awesome it is to have beautiful horses out my back door? 😊

I had to chase them out of the lean-to, and then take up residence there myself to avoid getting totally soaked. Mean mom, I know. 😜

This was one of the first photos I took and I just love the spark of curiosity in Maggie Sue’s eyes. Her expression is friendly and the snow lights up her beautiful, soft eyes. She just sparkles.

Gratitude: I’m grateful we are ending up with more snow than was predicted and that I could just stay home and enjoy it today!

3 thoughts on “Sparkle

  1. I needed me some sparkle today! I aun’t miss shivering and shoveling. I do miss the serenity of snow. A belle of snow with those soft, curious eyes.

    With drunken eyes gazing,

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