Fuji X-T20 | Lens (mm): 35 | ISO: 1250 | Aperture: 2 | Shutter: 1/100

I can’t remember if I’ve shared yet that Toby’s lump was just inflammatory and not cancer. What a relief!

I took Toby to be groomed this morning (isn’t he just sooo handsome?). While he was gone, Charley seemed lost, depressed and insecure. As soon as his buddy came home, he hopped for joy and returned to his silly, confident self.

When I thought there might be something gravely wrong with Toby, I thought of losing him and how much it would hurt me and Tracy. I also thought about what Charley would do. Toby has taught him how to be a dog and is his best buddy. It made me cry to think of it.

Gratitude: I’m guessing Toby will go before Charley at some point, but I’m glad it won’t be any time soon.

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