Welcome! You’ve landed here on the blog for my personal 365 project. I am taking and posting at least one photo a day for the 365 days of 2018. This project features a mix of my professional photography work, and personal photography from my life. If you would like to know more about my professional work, go to www.shelleypaulson.com.


Horse Lover

RWP_1442-683x1024.jpgI can’t remember a time when I didn’t love horses. I was that horse-crazy girl who spent summers on horseback, falling in love over and over with these beautiful creatures. One by one I said goodbye to the horses of my youth. I now have only the photographs from those days to bring me back into the moments and the horses that shaped me.

Now I have my own little farm and get to be with my sweet horses every day. I can’t help but take photos of them as I watch warm evening light stream into the barn and kiss their fuzzy ears, or see perfectly formed snowflakes land on their velvety winter coats. I take photos so I can always remember the beauty and joy they bring into my life.

My Loves

DSC_7766.JPGMy husband, Tracy. I am blessed to be married to a great man. He is my business partner, personal comedian, and best friend.

My schnauzers Toby and Charley. Their unconditional love and their zest for life makes my life rich.

My horses, Maggie Sue and Fritzie. Maggie Sue and I have been together for 22 years. She’s sweet, gentle, has a carrot addiction, and holds a dear place in my heart. Fritzie is the new girl. I’m still getting to know her and learning to love her bold, outgoing personality.

My kitties, Gale, Five and Casey. I never had a cat of my own until we moved to our own farm, and now I can’t imagine life without them. I find cats to be a great form of entertainment, and I melt when they purr just upon seeing me.

My Jesus. He’s the most kind, captivating person I know.



I’m an animal lover and a country girl at heart. I spent many summers on my uncle’s farm taming kittens and helping little piggies come into this world.

I’m obsessed with light and sunsets. I am a danger to myself and those around me when I drive along the countryside before, during and just after sunset. Is there a bumper sticker for that?

I would be a miniature schnauzer hoarder if I had more hands with which to pet them!

I have my degree from the University of MN in music and was studying to be an opera singer. I took a right turn somewhere and became an Apple support technician, then a web designer, then a photographer, and now also a filmmaker. All these skills come in quite handy in running my own business.

I’m good at making people feel at ease, even complete strangers.

I find the smell of a horse’s nose intoxicating.

I’m a recovering perfectionist.

I make really tasty coffee. Come on over, I’d love to make you a cup and learn more about your story.

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